Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stand-up Paddle Boarding – The Latest Aquatic Workout

Written by Andrea Pasquale, Lake Metroparks Recreation Specialist
Developed in the Hawaiian Islands, this sport combines the thrill of being on the open water with a core workout no other paddle sport can provide.  Surfers who were tired of laying flat on the board designed larger more stable boards that allow riders to stand up and use a long paddle. Like other surf sports, finding your balance is the challenge, but once you get it the sport becomes intensely addictive.  

Moving from prone to upright allows the participant a better view both across and down into the water.
Proper technique requires correct hand placement on the paddle and torso rotation to engage large core muscles rather than just your arms. Without torso rotation, arms tire faster and a less efficient stroke results. Foot placement is important for balance on the board: position feet parallel, shoulder width apart, mid-board, not too far forward or back. Knees are slightly bent and flexible with weight shifting at the hips, not the head. Don’t look at your feet because the sport’s best attribute is the out-“standing” view while gliding
on water!  

At Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park, Lake Metroparks has four boards for rent. You can take a class to get a few pointers before you go out on your own. This is the fastest growing water sport around, so don’t be left on the beach – get out and try it!

Basic paddleboard classes are offered Saturdays at Fairport Harbor Lakefront Park between now and August 27. Class is $15 including rental. Registration is required. 

Click here for more information on this and other boating classes. 

Rentals are available at the beach from 10:30 am – 8 pm every day for $10 per hour.

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