Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Uncommon Dragonfly calls Gully Brook Park home

White-faced meadowhawk dragonfly (uncommon)

The white-faced meadowhawk is the uncommon dragonfly that was found at Gully Brook Park.  Gully Brook is the only park that has a population of this dragonfly that is found annually.  The only other record for our parks is a single individual that was found at Lakeshore Reservation a few years back.  The white-faced meadowhawk had been found in as many as 35 of Ohio’s counties, but now is found in only about 10 counties since 1990. 

Management to keep invasive plants out of the wetlands is important to keep this species at Gully Brook.

The male white-faced meadowhawk is a small red bodied dragonfly with a white face.  The female is tan with a white face.  There are two other types of meadowhawk that occur at Gully Brook; ruby meadowhawk and autumn meadowhawk.  Both of these are common species throughout Lake County and Ohio.

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