Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lake Metroparks 10-year Strategic Plan - The Upper Chagrin Plateau

Lake Metroparks’ approach to planning and formulating strategic actions was to divide Lake County into six diverse districts. The establishment of districts will better enable the park district to focus future investment decisions on the unique opportunities and specific needs that exist within each district. The distinctive geography that defines Lake County has influenced development patterns and created unique districts.

District 2: Upper Chagrin Plateau
The Upper Chagrin Plateau includes Willoughby Hills, Kirtland, Kirtland Hills and Waite Hill and its northern boundary is clearly delineated by Interstate 90. The district’s heritage is largely defined by the enduring presence of large estate farms, most established as summer homes for wealthy Cleveland industrialists at the beginning of the 20th century. The area’s natural beauty is enhanced by the
presence of majestic forests, distinctive rock formations and wooded valleys along the main and east branches of the
Chagrin River. 

Lake Metroparks included in the district are:
  • Chapin Forest Reservation
  • Children’s Schoolhouse Nature Park
  • Farmpark
  • Penitentiary Glen Reservation
  • Pleasant Valley Park

Future Objectives
In the coming decade, initiatives in the Upper Chagrin Plateau will focus on improving connectivity, protecting scenic views and offsetting the loss of large open spaces that may result from the subdivision of estate farms.

Click here to download the Upper Chagrin Plateau information sheet.

In a continuing effort to meet the needs and desires of all Lake County residents, Lake Metroparks periodically reviews its approach to fulfilling the agency’s mission and goals. The park district has recently created a ten-year strategic plan that will inform decision-making with regard to policies, operations, maintenance and capital improvements over the next decade.

Lake Metroparks’ strategic plan examines how to best fulfill the agency's mission given the current and projected economic, demographic and environmental trends facing Lake County and the surrounding region.

For more information about Lake Metroparks' Ten-year Strategic Plan Executive Summary, click here.

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