Monday, April 18, 2011

How did the Spicebush get its name?

Spicebush leaves - ODNR
Spicebush – Known to the botanical world as Lindera Benzoin (a member of the Laurel family) it is one of the first shrubs to flower in our woodlands and gets it name from the spicy fragrance it emits when rubbed.

Did you know?
Spicebush is usually found as an understory shrub of moist to wet woodlands.  It has leaves that are alternate, elliptical to slightly obovate, dark green, shiny, and with impressed veins on the current season's growth.

Spicebush fruit - ODNR
Bright red fruits appear in late summer and early autumn on female shrubs, and are often quickly eaten by wildlife. Its dark green, glossy foliage, like that of Pawpaw, is unusual for woody plants that can thrive in full shade.
Source: ODNR Division of Forestry

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