Friday, April 8, 2011

Jeepers's the Spring Peepers!

Spring peeper - Division of Natural Resources
Spring peepers – What’s that you hear?  It’s the Spring peepers (small frogs) singing loud and clear.  Their chorus is a sure sign that spring is here.

Northern Spring peepers (Pseudacris crucifer crucifer) are primarily a woodland or forest edge species after the breeding season and are found throughout Ohio.  The Peepers have large discs on their fingers and toes and are much more agile climbers than either cricket or chorus frogs; however they seldom venture more than one meter up in the vegetation. 
Research & Collections in Vertebrate Zoology
| Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Click on the image to listen to information about Spring Peepers from the Ohio Outdoor Notebook

Click here for a selection of websites about the Spring peeper assembled by the Science Reference Section, Science, Technology, and Business Division of the Library of CongressAll of the sites include images of spring peepers, and many have recordings of their song.

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