Thursday, March 24, 2011


Long-tailed Salamander
You can usually find salamanders this time of year.  Places in our parks you may find them include Penitentiary Glen Reservation, Indian Point Park, and Hogback Ridge Park.

Did you know?

Salamanders are amphibians and are related to frogs and toads, but they do not make themselves known with loud calling like other amphibians. Because of their secretive nature and nocturnal lifestyle, salamanders do not easily disclose their location. They love dark, wet places, often in deep woods, which is on reason why finding one of these slippery critters can be a real challenge.

Salamanders in Ohio are generally inconspicuous most of the year. During the spring breeding season they appear in large numbers apparently out of nowhere. Some species migrate by the hundreds during cool spring rains as they move toward water to lay eggs.

Source: ODNR Division of Wildlife

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  1. If Salamanders are your thing, visit Penitentiary Glen and schedule a gorge hike. In the creek bed, several species of Salamanders can be found on almost any spring/summer/fall day. It's well worth the beautiful easy hike to see these lovely little creatures!


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