Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Stinking Truth

The Beauchamps believe the offending skunk is living beneath their shed, and that's quite possible, said a spokeswoman at Lake Metroparks Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

"Skunks are opportunistic and can get through very small openings when seeking a place to make their homes," she said.

Although (skunks) don't hibernate in winter they are nocturnal and become increasingly apparent in spring, when they mate and seek a place to have their young. Trapping is not usually a viable alternative, because the skunk will spray its captor. The best way to discourage a skunk is to locate its entry point and pack ammonia soaked rags around its den. The skunk will usually leave and then its entry point needs to be blocked.

Source: Information from Lake Metroparks Wildlife Center that appears in an article today in The News-Herald.

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